We offer volunteers the opportunity to work with our sub-committees, and encourage them to find their niche based on their interests and area of expertise. Our volunteers can work with any of our sub-committees to do community work that they value, and are able to enhance their knowledge on a focused safety and injury prevention area.

If you are a community-oriented individual that is interested in volunteering with the Safe Communities Partnership, forward your resume and a brief cover letter describing your background and area of interest with safety and injury prevention to our Coordinator, Deanna Rector at safessm@gmail.com or (705) 542-3862. If you have a particular sub-committee that you desire to work with, please state this in your cover letter.

For more information on volunteering with Safe Communities Partnership, click to view our Volunteer Orientation Package

For more information on the sub-committees, click on the Committees tab on the side menu. 

Current Opportunities

Safe Communities Partnership is currently in the process of developing new sub-committees.  If you are interested in working with or leading such sub-committees on a volunteer basis, please contact Deanna Rector. 

Updated January 18, 2019