Wrapped in Courage Campaign

November 1st, 2018: For Immediate Release 

Woman Abuse Prevention Month 

Provincial Wrapped in Courage Campaign 

It’s every woman’s right to live in a safe and secure environment that is free from violence, whether it be her home, her community, her workplace or wherever she may go. This November we are reminded to take action on Gender Inequality in Ontario 

November is Woman Abuse Prevention Month. 66 Violence Against Women Shelter’s across the province, in partnership with the Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses (OAITH) are working hard to ensure Ontarians are educated, aware, and willing to help put an end to men’s violence against women. Since 1990, OAITH has tracked media reports of women murdered by men in Ontario. 28 Years later, we know of approximately 750 women who have been killed by a former or current male partner and other men closely known to them. As we prepare to release the numbers of women murdered in 2018, we all need to become involved in community-driven action to drive change. 

“Violence Against Women Shelters are working on the front lines of women’s inequality. The staggering rates of violence against women and children should be what sounds the alarm for people in our communities to understand that we haven’t reached gender equality in Ontario.” Marlene Ham, Executive Director, OAITH. 

Now in its 6th year, OAITH’s Wrapped in Courage Campaign invites all Ontarians to show their support by wearing a purple scarf to let women and their children know they are not standing alone. The courage of a woman alone is not enough. Women need the support and commitment of their community behind them in order to end violence against all women and children. No one should ever have to live in fear. 

You can show your support of the initiative to end violence against women by speaking out about men’s violence against women in your homes, community and workplaces. Purchase a purple scarf from your local women’s shelter and wear it this winter. Every scarf and effort counts when it comes to the safety and well-being of Ontario’s women and children. 

For more information, to show your support, or to find a list of participating shelters where you can purchase a purple scarf from, visit wrappedincourage.ca today. 

Join the Campaign! 


1. To learn more about the Wrapped in Courage Campaign please visit http://Wrappedincourage.ca


2. You can follow the campaign through Twitter and Facebook: 

http://www.twitter.com/@wrappdincourage #wrappedincourage 


For MEDIA inquiries please contact: 

Marlene Ham, Executive Director 

Ontario Association of Interval & Transition Houses 

marlene@oaith.ca or 416-977-6619 ext 103 

For Local Media inquiries please find your Participating Shelter and use the contacts provided.



Updated November 7, 2018