Standardized Safety Orientation (SSO Training)

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Standardized Safety Orientation (SSO Training)


Health and safety in the workplace shouldn’t be taken for granted. It is important that employers, employees and contractors all have a clear understanding of what constitutes a safe working environment. In order to ensure everyone understands workplace due diligence, responsibilities and legalities, the Safe Communities Partnership offers a program called “Standardized Safety Orientation.”


This program was developed in consultation with many area businesses, and health and safety professionals, to ensure that employers, employees and staff can obtain health and safety training that can assist in the prevention of injuries or fatalities. This is a safety awareness program that does not replace the need for site/job specific orientation. Many local businesses are now making Standardized Safety Orientation a requirement for staff or any contractors coming on site.  Many employees also require this training to be renewed annually.


The SSO program is a four-hour session, including a written test. Certificates and Photo ID badges will be issued upon completion of the course your name will be listed on Safe Communities SSO database.


The SSO course includes the following content: legislation, risk management/hazard control, regulations, safety procedures, emergency, electrical awareness, personal protective equipment, work area protections, housekeeping, environmental responsibilities, job certification and an overview on site specific permits or authorizations. Benefits to workers: improves worker safety, increases employability, prepares you to assess and avoid hazards, and increases mobility of workers to other regions.  Benefits to businesses: a safer, healthier workplace; safety conscious workers; a protective step towards due diligence, opportunity to improve community health and safety plus an enhanced community image.


We also offer memberships to the Safe Communities Partnership. This is a great way for you to get your business logo associated with our company and, depending on what category you wish to sign up for, free attendance in the SSO program for a designated number of employees. Call our office to find out more about the benefits of membership and our fee structure.


The next Standardized Safety Training is taking place on:

To Be Announced

 from 9:00 pm to 1:00 pm at Great Lakes Honda

(upstairs meeting room)


Contact the Safe Communities Partnership office at 705-542-3862 or email for registration details.

There are many health and safety resources, including:

Ministry of Labour –

Electrical Safety Authority –

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board –

Workers Health and Safety Center –

Health and Safety Ontario –

Canadian Centre for Occupational health and safety (CCOHS)

Stay safe!

Updated April 17, 2018