Winter Safety

Winter Safety

Safe Weather: children should pay inside when the temperature (or wind chill) drops below -25 C. At this temperature skin freezes within minutes


Winter Clothing for Outdoor Play: all activites require dry and warm clothing. To prevent injury children should be dressed in warm clothes, including…

  • A hat and clothing made of tightly woven fibers (like wool).
  • Layers -  an absorbent synthetic fabric next to skin, a warmer middle layer, and a water resistant/repellent outer layer.
  • Fingers, toes, ears and nose, should all be protected.
  • One pair of wool (or wool blend) socks, these offer insulation when wet unlike cotton.  Avoid extra thick socks as they can cause cold feet by restricting blood flow and air circulation around the toes.
  • Be sure boots are dry and not too tight.
  • Jackets should be zipped up.
  • Use tube-shaped neck warmers instead of scarves. If scarves must be used, tuck them into jackets
  • Children should get out of wet clothes and shoes as quickly as possible as they are the biggest factors in frostbite.

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            Skiing and snowboarding can be a fun way to keep active in the Winter but the slopes can be a dangerous place. Parachutes Snow Smart video reminds us why it’s import to keep safe. For more winter safety tips check out

Updated November 14, 2018