“It’s Not Right- Neighbours, Friends & Families for Older Adults”

About the Program

 The emphasis in the workshops is on teaching neighbors, friends and family members of seniors experiencing abuse to recognize the warning signs and then to take small practical steps to help that are safe and respectful. Scenarios taken from life, with a range of possible responses, will be produced to support the learning objectives. The project included a national training for elder abuse leaders and experts so that they were prepared to hold intervention workshops in their own regions and communities. A comprehensive trainer’s manual was developed to support the pan Canadian implementation. 

The program helps those who take it to:

Recognize warning signs of abuse
Recognize ageism 
Respond safely and supportively 
Little things YOU do can make a big difference!
Find help in your community

Change the World with YOU Power!

This is the century when we are realizing that every action has an impact. We can feel when good and bad things happen anywhere in the world. We are learning just how connected and inter-dependent we are in the 21stcentury. Many people feel ‘powerless’ to make social change. This is an idea we are challenging today. Small kind actions can make a big difference… and they add up – they matter. Think about a time when someone said something mean to you – how long did it stay with you? That’s an impact. Think next about a time someone said something kind that changed everything for you. And maybe they have no idea that what they said made such a big difference. That also impacts. Your smallest action has an impact of some kind. The challenge is to be thoughtful, responsible and intentional about the kind of impact you want to have. 

YOU Power applies to all situations every day – let’s focus now on what you can do to support older adults who may be experiencing abuse or neglect. 

We start here with the non-negotiables: Everyone has the right to be safe and free from abuse or neglect. 

We have a shared responsibility to promote respect for all members of our society and to work together to create safe, strong, healthy communities. Everyone has a role to play, and we need every person to make their unique contribution.

Updated April 3, 2019