Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse Ontario

Elder Abuse Ontario is a website that offers support, education and training. The mission of the organization is to “create an Ontario that is free from abuse of all seniors.” The website focuses on making Ontario a better place, providing leadership and implementing the Ontario Strategy to Combat Elder Abuse. Check out their website for more information.

Elder Abuse Ontario also offers eight Tea & Talk workshop modules these can be found under the materials page on the website or in the links below:

  1. Dating as an Older Adult (tipsheet)
  2. Protecting Your Finances
  3. Increasing Self-Esteem (tipsheet)
  4. Communication in Healthy Relationships
  5. Age and Discrimination
  6. Caregiving
  7. Elder Abuse: A Closer Look (tipsheet)
  8. Sexual Harm in Older Adults 


Updated February 27, 2018