Fall Prevention Information

The McMaster Optimal Aging Portal

The McMaster Optimal Aging Portal provides research-based knowledge for the public and professionals related to increasing healthy behaviour within the older population. Information provided includes: 

  • Research summaries - key messages from new evidence
  • Ratings of websites that provide health information - check your sources
  • Blog posts: explains scientific information in a way we can all understand
  • Decision aids to help you learn what options are available for you
  • Provides information on health promotion topics, products, services, programs and healthy aging principal

You CAN Prevent Falls

You CAN Prevent Falls is a tip sheet produces by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) that provides simple steps to help keep everyone safe! This includes:

  • Modifications that can be made to the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom
  • How to stay active
  • Medication management advice
  • Highlights the importance of eating health, balanced meals

Finding Balance Campaign 

Finding Balance is a campaign made to increase knowledge on fall prevention among seniors in Ontario. It promotes real-life strategies that can be implemented to reduce the risk of falling. Information on the site includes: 

  • A fall risk calculator - tests your fall IQ
  • Information for seniors on fall prevention, staying active and home safety
  • Resources for fall prevention classes, and activities that can be done at home to increase confidence

Concussions In Older Adults 

Concussion Ed, is a mobile app, that connects people with concussion information on how to prevent, recognize and manage concussions. It strives to provide credible evidence-based information on the go. The app has a “Track” feature that allows the user to record all their experience after receiving a concussion. You can download the app at the apple store, the google play store or access it from the website.

Updated February 28, 2018