Stay on Your Feet Committee

The Stay on Your Feet Committee works to achieve the goal of reducing the occurrence of falls and fall related injuries in older adults.  The committee recognizes that people age at different stages.  For the purpose of this committee we will focus our activities on adults 50 years and older in keeping with the WHO definition of older person.


1. To monitor services available in the community, identify gaps and advocate for services to address gaps.

2.  To raise awareness and facilitate coordination of falls prevention strategies

3.  To participate in the development of falls prevention programs

4.  To educate and raise awareness in the community including older adults, students, caregivers and professional caregivers on fall risk      factors and prevention strategies

5.  To advocate for inclusion of falls prevention strategies in Health & Social Services Curriculum

6.  To promote health and well-being through active living, healthy eating, home hazard reduction and adaptation to sensory changes

Updated September 25, 2019