Road Safety Working Group

The Road Safety Working Group is dedicated to implementing programs and advancing educational initiatives that will make the roads of Sault Ste. Marie safer for all. The Working Group focuses its efforts on the pervasive problem of distracted driving, which includes distractions from inside the vehicle such as passenger conversation and adjusting dashboard settings (ie. radio and climate controls), distractions from outside the vehicle such as construction or scenery, and of course the pervasive issue of cell phone usage while driving. The Working Group is comprised of members from Safe Communities Partnership, Algoma Public Health, Municipal Emergency Medical Services, Municipal Police and the Ontario Provincial Police. 

The Working Group has focused on two key initiatives in the past year.

National Teen Driver Safety Week is a national campaign spearheaded by Parachute Canada that is designed to raise awareness on the dangers of distracted driving, and offers proactive strategies that teens can use to avoid driving while distracted. The Week takes place during October of each year and is driven largely by a social media campaign that allows teens to relate to the safety and injury prevention messages on a platform that they are comfortable with. The goal of National Teen Driver Safety Week is to reduce incidences of death and injuries in teens caused by distracted driving. 

Running in May the Road Safety Working Group will forward National Road Safety Week - a campaign that is designed to educate all drivers on the dangers of distracted driving while offering avoidance strategies. The Road Safety Working Group will have interactive displays at various areas throughout the community to help educate drivers and remind them to avoid driving while distracted. Specific information regarding dates and locations will follow!

Updated September 25, 2019