Concussion Awareness Education Committee

The Concussion Community Education Committee is devoted to educating the general public on how to recognize and manage signs and symptoms of a concussion, where to go for help and the value of baseline testing. They focus the majority of their efforts on coaches, athletes, and health care professionals, as these are the groups most directly interested in understanding concussions. 


1.  To provide a community approach to concussion education initiatives and program/training delivery to parents, coaches, athletes and Health Care Professionals in the District of Algoma

2.  To share best practices and evidence based research literature with membership

3.  To provide skill building opportunities to interested individuals in the recognition and management of a possible or diagnosed concussion

4.  To evaluate the effectiveness of specifically targeted activities offered in the community

For an educational concussion toolkit please refer to the below link.

Play Safe Initiative

Check out this resourceful link that consists of the following important information:

- a Pocket Concussion Recognition tool (can be brought to games/practices)

- a pamphlet from our Concussion Awareness Community Education Committee which discusses baseline testing and options available resources/supports.

- a Concussion App handout which has interactive resources to encourage prevention/recognizing and management of concussions 

Check out the following links for further information on conussion information:

Updated September 25, 2019