As the umbrella organization for all injury prevention initiatives in Sault Ste. Marie, the Safe Communities Partnership conducts its operations and presents educational messages through its various sub-committees. Our sub-committees provide subject matter expertise on a range of issues, and focus their efforts on improving safety and injury prevention outcomes for high-risk groups including children, youth and seniors.

The Safe Communities Partnership coordinates with its sub-committees to share resources including knowledge, expertise, personnel, information and funding.  Our organization ensures that all safety and injury prevention topics are covered and being presented in our community. Our overarching coordination of sub-committees reduces duplication of materials and streamlines safety and injury prevention initiatives. 

For Community Organizations and Agencies

Our sub-committees maintain several benefits by operating under our umbrella. We offer administrative support to ensure that sub-committee’s operations run smoothly, and we allocate funding from our financial resources as required. The Safe Communities Partnership upholds expertise in prospecting and producing grants, and as such, we provide support to our sub-committees when they are seeking funding via grants. We also offer marketing assistance to our sub-committees, including online advertising space with local media websites.

If you are a member of an organization that is interested in becoming a sub-committee of the Safe Communities Partnership, please contact our Coordinator, Deanna Rector.

Deanna Rector - Safe Communities Partnership Coordinator 

Telephone: 705-542-3862 


Updated January 18, 2019